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Frozen Food

Even in the prehistoric period, ancient men practiced the refrigeration of food with ice. Roman and Chinese empires had very developed ideas on preserving food with refrigeration. With the advent of electricity, the refrigeration process got a significant development.

The introduction of commercial refrigeration drastically changed agriculture and farming all over the world. Trade of frozen meat and fish and all kinds of perishable items became big businesses by the early years of the 1900s. Today, modern science has a handful of great technologies for sustainable refrigeration without harming or polluting nature.

HRS provides unmatched services on food refrigeration systems which are designed to meet the demands of today's industries. We understand that improper cooling efficiency can be harmful to businesses trying to gain the lead over today’s merciless competition. With this in mind, the refrigeration systems we provide can be deployed in a variety of commercial locations, including commercial and industrial kitchens, supermarkets, restaurants, and even in small convenience stores. This approach to product development is unique in the industry.

To achieve great results on food refrigeration systems, HRS uses the technologies of Valeo, Carrier, Eberspaecher, Daikin, and Schneider Electric.