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Bus AC Service

When the air-conditioned environment became so common, the travel comfort in buses became equal to flight travel standards. Bus air-con systems give much comfort and save the passengers from external weather uncertainties on the move. In this modern world, most travelers consider the AC environment as a necessity rather than a luxury. Since all the window panels are completely sealed, the AC buses can provide a quieter travel experience, and this will circumvent the fatigue during the journey. As a result, a passenger can complete his journey in a fresh feeling. And that's why air-con is becoming an essential need for passengers and higher revenue for the operators.

In recent years, the travel culture of developing countries has improved significantly. People started using public transport more frequently. In India, most of the inter-state buses, both in public and private sectors, are air-con ones. Kerala State Road Transport Corporation has increased the number of Air-con buses in its fleet.

HRS has a dedicated team that has custom made solutions to build air-con systems in all types of passenger buses. HRS uses eco-friendly and cost-effective methods for transport aircon systems. Daikin AC units are famous for being eco-friendly principally because they use R-32 refrigerant for cooling purposes. It does not deplete the ozone layer and reduces carbon dioxide emissions.