Story of Chick Transportation

Chick transport

Chicken is a favorite menu item of most non-veg food lovers worldwide. There are a number of chicken food brands and international chains of stores are quite familiar for even kids. And the unbranded chicken stores are scattered around at every nook and corner of the entire world.

Have you ever thought about a chicken’s journey from its birth until it reaches your eating plate? Bet, it might have traveled more miles than you guess. Because chick transportation is unavoidable from the hatchery to the production farmhouses, and from there to the retailing units. During the journey, some of them may have killed before it reaches someone’s eating plate!

Maintaining optimal lighting throughout the journey and perfect temperature regulation systems are required to reduce chick mortality and to complete a successful journey. Using fresh outside air, HRS can ensure the chick’s temperature to maintain constantly at 40.3°C, which is the ideal temperature conditions for chicks to achieve their full growth potential. At lower or higher temperatures, high humidity is dangerous and should be limited to around 60%. The reason is that at low temperatures humid air takes more heat from the chickens than dry air, so the cold stress will be increased.

To ensure consistent chick quality with cost-effective methods, HRS uses the most modern innovative hybrid-power solution.

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