Hitech at Ernakulam

1999: Mr P.V. Alex established Aircon India South - a comfort air conditioning dealership network in Kerala.

2008: Hitech Refrigeration Services was started in 2008 as a Private Limited Company with the prime objective to provide Quality Air-conditioning and Refrigeration Services across Kerala. We do precision air conditioning across Kerala we have specialized in bus air conditioning we specialize in truck refrigeration we are into commercial refrigeration we are also entering Cold Chain solutions.

Story of Chick Transportation

Chick transport

Chicken is a favorite menu item of most non-veg food lovers worldwide. There are a number of chicken food brands and international chains of stores are quite familiar for even kids. And the unbranded chicken stores are scattered around at every nook and corner of the entire world.

Ice Cream is the business where temperature matters!

HRS Keeping Icre Cream Cool

Faloodeh, Kulfi, Sorbet, Mochi, and so on are synonyms of Ice Creams around the world. Each of them has an individual culture and centuries-long histories. Each of them has different types of ingredients which include milk, sugar, yogurt, custard, fruits, cocoa, and all, but just imagine an ice cream without cooling! Whatever the ice cream ingredients maybe, most important is, it should be served with chill. Maintaining cooling is the hardest task from the beginning to the end of making ice cream.