Airconditioning big shopping malls

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Shopping Mall

Even though it is a North American concept, today Shopping Malls are everywhere around the globe. In the Wikipedia page for Shopping Mall, there is an itemized list of 57 malls with a size ranging from 21,000,000 sq.ft. to 2,100,000 sq.ft. Just think about airconditioning such big shopping malls. When it comes to designing HVAC systems for such huge shopping malls, there are lots of things to consider. To keep the interiors of the mall clean and dust-free, and appealing to the customers, it is essential to aircon the entire mall. In short, the ambience of a mall is very important, if a customer feels comfier within the mall space, the chances are much higher that he will spend more time browsing, potentially buying.

In Kerala, HRS had a very good experience in designing HVAC solutions for some popular malls including Lulu HyperMart. A well-experienced tech team is ready with us to build whatever size of HVAC system.