Transport Refrigeration (Zanotti)

At Zanotti, we design and manufacture commercial, semi-industrial, industrial and transported refrigeration systems. Our primary activity is making the most appropriate use of the cold.

Refrigeration excellence since 1962

  • Transport Refrigeration by Zanotti
  • Transport Refrigeration by Zanotti
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  • Transport Refrigeration by Zanotti
  • Transport Refrigeration by Zanotti
Zanotti zer0° battery

Totally electric split refrigerating unit to guarantee minimal environmental impact, but with high levels of efficiency. Ideal for the refrigerated transport in small vehicles such as vans, minivans and commercial minibuses.

Zanotti FZ

Direct drive units are split refrigeration units designed to ensure continuous operation with low emissions by means of a direct connection to the motor-compressor and the aid of an electric motor when the vehicle is stationary.

Zanotti un0°

The self-powered units for lorries are monoblock and split refrigerating machines equipped with an independent diesel engine, ideal for applications in rooms on medium-large size lorries for transport on national or international routes.

zer0° multi-temperature

The unique feature of the multi-temperature unit range is the presence of two or more evaporating units that make it possible for different products to be transported in the same vehicle, in separate refrigerated rooms operating at different temperatures.

Zanotti's every transport refrigeration unit has been researched and designed with the aim of keeping all types of products at the correct temperature, adopting the most appropriate solutions time and time again.

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