Transport Refrigeration (Valeo)

Valeo's transport refrigeration equipment is specially designed for all conditions.

Experience, expertise, flexibility and support enables us to deliver quality products and service to our customers no matter how specialized their needs, from fresh to frozen applications for small light delivery vehicles to large rigid ones.

Transport Refrigeration with confidence

Transport Refrigeration by Valeo
Direct Drives units for small to medium sized trucks

Valeo provides a complete line of vehicle-powered refrigeration units for a wide variety of vehicle chassis and applications.

Valeo MT Line
Diesel Powered Units for medium and large rigid trucks

Due to a new electronic expansion valve, the Diesel Electric MT line improves efficiency, cares for faster pull-down and ensures accurate temperature control.

Kooltube Unit
Eutectic Transport Refrigeration

The Kooltube is a holdover or latent heat storage system. The completed unit comprises a single-phase or three-phase condensing set coupled to eutectic beams mounted internally to the roof of the body.

Valeo's Transport Refrigeration business provides a wide range of industry-leading refrigeration equipment for trucks and vans of all sizes. The solutions are specially designed for all conditions.

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